thuy lê thi thu

with Kiki Abels
ca. 20 minutes
ca. 4.5 x 5.5 m
variety of media and dimensions
campo victoria ghent
mayday mayday festival

Thuy takes us on a journey through a world of tactile trifles and playful experiments, a tour through her often fussy and sometimes holistic discoveries. The props, rather of a day-to-day nature, which already fill the scene or are applied by an operator, are being activated. As a result they acquire a sequence of possible meanings. Strange, yet familiar at the same time and always with a reserved layer of humour. A light-hearted revelation of the ‘surprised look’ with which Thuy experiences the physical reality that surrounds her and the poetic treatment with which she reshapes it. Fresh and liberating. Roel Kerkhofs

Kiki and I tried to create a landscape in which she provided the sound(scape) and I took care of the scenography and image. By exploring the landscape in a nostalgic and tactile way, our approaches became varied yet complementary. A part of the installation resembled a large game board, on which the actions developed as creative game tactics. The rules and certainties of the day to day reality didn’t apply here and everyday objects underwent a transformation in which form and content shifted. For example an egg was not just an egg, among other things it was also a container for the sun.

© Roel Kerkhofs

(how to hide tears
put your head in water)