thuy lê thi thu

noon after noon
after noon after 
noon after noon 
    / 2021
multichannel video

mixed media attributes (wood, aluminium, pvc, paint, textile, paper)

ca. 45 minutes

4 channel sound

variety of media and dimensions

commissioned by
for KNAL Festival 2021

Somewhere between being and becoming. A cube represents a body, a being on the outside. The cube has three dimensions and is an absolute, predictable entity. Only as it bursts, it becomes unpredictable and its surfaces unfold. Several sides inverse, fall upside down or end up inside out. As the interior world is revealed, inner voices become loud and alter egos present themselves. This work represents a reconciliation of contradictions, a cube that becomes a circle.

central installation
© Jente Waerzeggers

 performance stills