thuy lê thi thu

 MOON NOON / 2019

ca. 25 minutes
various dimensions
variety of media
vooruit ghent
night shift: from dusk till dawn

On the 14th of September 2019 at OO:OO, in the night of the full moon, the performance ‘MOON NOON’ took place at Vooruit in Ghent for ‘Night Shift: from dusk till dawn’, the closing night of Het TheaterFestival 2019.

The full moon appeals to our fantasy and leads us to an experience zone that turns familiar things into strange events. Moonwater is prepared for the public. A fictional genesis story has been created, characterized by binary natural phenomena such as sun and moon, day and night, light and dark. All matter is concentrated in a cube consisting of an empty rib structure with shiny, almost liquid curtains. A voice-over tells a story, while performers execute inexplicable actions, a kind of self-created ritual. Spherical forms are regular appearances in her work, such as eggs, billiard balls or astronomical objects. Everyday objects develop a symbolic value within the performance or installation, and meanings and narratives evolve throughout her work. Installation and performance each have their own individuality as media within her holistic approach. Filip Luyckx (curator Sint-Lukas gallery)

© Leontien Allemeersch