thuy lê thi thu

When I was younger I wanted to become a hairdresser but now I (also) want to become a gardener, an inventor, a primitive shaman, a dancer, an adventurer, an oölogist, a housewife, a poet, a bird, a mother, a cook, a child, a business(wo)man, a monk, a walker, a hermit, a farmer, a seed collector, a silent activist, a sloth, a writer, a bodybuilder, a fortuneteller, a healer, an old wise (wo)man, a baker, an unknown celebrity, a beekeeper, a goalkeeper, a shepherd, an alchemist, a teacher, an architect and many many more.

Being an artist is the closest I can get and my art is like a garden, an invention, a supernatural power, a dance, a discovery, an egg, an attempted household, a poem, a free flight, a child, a meal, a play, a business, a meditation, a walk, an isolation, a real life, a seed, a silent scream, a nap, a book, a body, a future, a healing process, a wise saying, a bread, a forgotten song, a honey flavour, an overcoming of fear, a sheep, a golden way, a school of life, a house and many many more.